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Hi, and thanks for visiting. The chances are, you've either found me on Google or from a direct recommendation.

Either way, if you'd like to have a chat about growing your business;

What I do

For every single business I work with, the most important factor in any project is to fully understand your business, your brand(s) and your target audience(s). This is the starting point of everything. Until I have this level of understanding, nothing else can happen. How could it?

Brand Strategy


Brand Identity, Brand Awareness, Brand Communication, Brand Strategy.

Digital Solutions

Website Solutions

Website Design, E-Commerce, Content Management Systems, Website Management.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design for Print, Online Campaigns, Website Graphics, Vehicle Livery.

Strategic & Tactical Marketing


Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Marketing Comunications. Campaign Management



Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Product/Service Launches, Identify Opportunities

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Creation.

Typical working process

Initial meeting

In my experience, it's best to have an informal face to face meeting to discuss your current business and future business objectives. Nothing too strenuous, but it provides me with valuable insight into how I can help. In most, if not all initial meetings, some really cool and fresh ideas come out during the conversation. We can either meet at my office, your premises or a café somewhere. This initial meeting won't cost you a penny.


Further to our initial meeting, I'll research your competition and market conditions with a view to coming back to you with my recommendations.


Based on our meeting and my subsequent research, if I know I can help you grow your business and increase your profits, I will provide you with some recommended actions.


If you're in agreement with my recommended actions, we can work together to put a structured plan in place in order to achieve your business objectives. This is where I will drill down into your business operations, strengths and weaknesses and work towards a thorough understanding of your commercial objectives. For every single business I work with, the most important factor in any project is to fully understand your business, your brand(s) and your target audience(s). This is the starting point of everything. Until I have this level of understanding, nothing else can happen. How could it?


This is where the recommended actions are implemented, in line with the terms of engagement, on time and within budget.


Further to completion of the implementation phase(s), I'll drill down into the data (such as website analytics/footfall/enquiry rate etc) in order to gauge the success of the implementation.


I'll relay back, with total transparency, the success of the overall engagement.


With proven skills in Marketing, Branding, Website Development & SEO, I'm straight talking and have over 13 years' experience of running my own business and over 25 years' overall experience in this field. I have a proven 'no-nonsense' approach to growing businesses and have helped to grow the businesses of over 100 customers - which significantly increased their customer base and net profits.

Since graduating in 1995, I've worked for several companies and gained valuable experience along the way. My early commercial experience was sales-based, where I learned an awful lot about how people think, their reasons for buying vs not buying, overcoming objections, targets and delivery schedules etc - and customer support! I was lucky enough to have been enrolled in several professional sales training courses, which helped further deepen my understanding of sales processes. What stuck in my mind is that whilst 'sales processes' may differ between goods, services and target audiences, there are many underlying factors, regardless of the good, service or target audience.

I moved to London in 1997, which is where I cut my teeth in corporate sales and marketing. Working for a global blue-chip company I was responsible for UK sales and marketing in the insanely fast-moving telecommunications sector, which involved securing contracts with large organisations, such as the NHS, the MOD and many Internet companies. I worked my way up and became more involved in the overall business, working on their brand, marketing, website development and SEO. I remained in the industry until 2003, after which point I began to pine for the beauty and rolling hills of the peak district, my home, so I took a year out, travelled around Australia and toured Europe on my motorcycle, eventually settling back here in Chesterfield.

By pure chance, in 2003 I found myself working for a local motorcycle dealership (I popped in to buy a new motorcycle and ended up working for them!). During my time there I'd noticed some huge opportunities for them to harness the Internet and hugely increase their reach and sales. I put my ideas forward to the directors and they saw the potential, so I became their group marketing manager and took on the challenge - put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. It went well. Just one year later they won the highly coveted MCN 'Dealer of the Year' award and were also awarded the MCN 'Best use of Online Opportunities' award - not to mention a significant hike in their overall sales and market position. During my time here, I realised that I could do the same for other companies, so I decided to make the leap and set up my own business.

Along with a long term trusted colleague, Peter eades, in 2007 we founded Creativity Sells Ltd and haven't looked back. Since this time, Creativity Sells Ltd has grown significantly and is now the preferred partner of a number of motorcycle manufacturers, including Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Kymco, Suzuki & Triumph. In 2009 we launched the brand DealerWebs, which is targeted towards the motorcycle market. In 2011 and 2014, Creativity Sells Ltd won the Derbyshire Times 'Small Business of the Year' award.